global distribution platform Introduction


global distribution platform Introduction


global distribution platform Introduction

Market Problem

1) Personal Information Collection Process Personal Information Collection is one of the essential items to use bio-health services. Information collection agreement have to be gotten in advance in present law because It is based on personal data to use this. However, Bio-health services can be treated as highly sensitive information because the information in the genome does not only belong to individuals. This is because, in the case of a family, certain genetic information is shared. In this case, there is a real problem that individual consent alone cannot contain all the information in Bio-health. Another problem is with the policy definition of personal information. When data is collected, it is defined as the information contained in personal identification due to the connectivity of specific information, but it is impossible to identify personal information with the weight and height of the individual.

2) Non-Shared Medical Information If personal health information, genomic information, and medical record information are not combined, drug payment information will inevitably have limited services available. Under the current law, it is impossible to operate the cloud of medical information. It must be stored on a server in a medical institution and cannot be integrated with an external system. However, in the case of foreign countries, cloud-based medical information used by doctors is integrated and a drug delivery ecosystem is rapidly being established. However, it is difficult for insurance companies and medical institutions to share this information because domestic medical environments and policies are difficult to manage individual medical information directly.

3) hacking of information Medication records are an area of personal privacy and also sensitive information. Therefore, if a private insurance company learns about an individual's disease history without the permission of an individual, the specific person can be rejected to join insurance or it can be abused by designing high insurance premiums. In the worst case, it can be used for criminal acts in which third parties acquire and threaten other people's information. In fact, in 2018, a large plastic surgery hospital hacked the personal information of patients held in the hospital by a group of professional hackers and leaked the personal information of patients, which is a case where hackers asked for money by using patients' personal data.

BION Solution

1) Effective understanding of customer health Sharing of drug distribution information using the BION platform and association of insurance design can be determined not only by the customer but also by the medical institution to effectively identify and determine the current health status of the customer. Customers will continue to be able to take care of their individual conditions and prevent disease prevention, exacerbation, and response in advance. In addition, medical institutions can gain real-time access to patient information for high-risk groups, enabling rapid response in case of emergency.

2) Cost reduction The cost of the drug distribution budget increases in proportion to the demand forecast, leading to an overall operating cost overrun. However, real-time data accumulated through the drug distribution information analysis service of the BION platform can be checked through reliability-based blockchain information. As a result, it is possible to reduce operating costs by enabling customer utilization, effectiveness, and feedback prediction management.

3) insurance linkage Insurance companies can reduce costs by sharing information about their medical records. Besides, through REMIND, it can greatly simplify the process of securing potential customers. In addition, the integrated contract through the REMIND platform enables real-time collection and management of customer medical information and personal health information, reducing the risk of insurance contracts.

4) Streamline the process Insurance design processes and claims and payments consist of fairly expensive and complex processes. This is because it is essential to investigate and issue medical charts and medical records written at hospitals for insurance subscription and proof. To simplify this, customers can take the initiative in managing mandatory information, simplify the process of viewing information records, design contracts, and billing from hospitals and insurers through smart contracts, which can prevent disputes in advance.

Global Market Size Status IQVIA predicts that the global pharmaceutical market will grow 3-6% annually by 2022, reaching a total of $1.4150 to $1.445 trillion. It is expected to amount to 4.3 billion SU (Standard Unit) in quantity, with developed countries accounting for 65% (1.2 billion SU) and emerging markets accounting for 25% (2.4 billion SU). In comparison, global pharmaceutical expenditures amounted to $1.135 trillion last year, of which 66% were accounted for by developed countries and 24% by emerging markets.
Last year, if the U.S. market was set at 100, the Chinese market ranked second due to set 26 compared to the U.S., followed by Japan (18), Germany (10), and France (7), followed by Brazil (7), Italy (6), Spain (5), and Canada (4). It was followed by India (4), Russia (3), South Korea (3), Australia (3), Mexico (2), Turkey (2), Poland (2), Saudi Arabia (1), Argentina (1), and Switzerland (1). This ranking and proportion are followed by the United States (100), Japan (13), Germany (9), Brazil (8), France (6), Italy (6), Britain (5), India (5), Spain (4), Canada (4), Russia (4), South Korea (3), Australia (2), Turkey (2), Mexico (2), Argentina (2), Poland (1), Saudi Arabia (1), Switzerland (1), which some variation is expected.

BION Service

· Activity tracker Information is sent to the DAPP in real time and real-time goal achievement and activity are sent to the BION information analysis module Basic DATA - The movement of muscle, number of steps, distance traveled, calorie consumption, sleep monitoring, posture information, etc.

· Physical index monitors The advance of measurement records by linking additional functions, results, and conditions of drug use, diagnosis information analysis by case, and electronic medical records in the future DATA – Feedback on drug use results (blockchain registration)

· Fitness guide Through obtained customer information, it is provided health guidelines to meet customer conditions by an insurance company and a clinic.

· Streamline the process Insurance design processes and claims and payments consist of fairly expensive and complex processes. This is because it is essential to investigate and issue medical charts and medical records written at hospitals for insurance subscription and proof. To simplify this, customers can take the initiative in managing mandatory information, simplify the process of viewing information records, design contracts, and billing from hospitals and insurers through smart contracts, which can prevent disputes in advance.

· IDENTIFICATION CONTRACT CODE The most sensitive information in digital health is the contract code for customer information. When you sign up for the BION platform, the KYC, KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER, will be registered for the first time. The registered information is recorded in the Main net blockchain and that information is managed by FD PLATFORM, a separate certification authority. Registered information will be integrated into the management information of the hospital and insurance companies. Until now, medical data management has only been operated in a passive direction that makes it difficult for customers to manage their information themselves, but the owner himself can control it based on BION's certification contract code.

· Reward Contract Code Customers who work with BION's medical information-based social networking services can receive BION TOKEN rewards for content creation and activity. Customers can receive rewards for diverse activities such as clicking "like" on posts, content creation activities, community activities, etc about medical information content. The BION TOKEN customers receive as a reward can also be used to receive discounts on cashing and insurance designs through the exchange.

· Automatic billing audit The authenticity/history of information can be demonstrated through the blockchain of BION. Organizations and insurers will be able to verify reliable customer data based on registered information on the BION platform. Personal health information, genomic information, and medical information enable automatic insurance claims and screening based on reliable medical records, which can reduce unnecessary waste of time on the process by proceeding with it through the contract code. It is also based on accurate information that enables efficient care and design.

· Secure deals, a security and fraud prevention This is the most important function of the BION platform. The BION platform employs a variety of security solutions to protect your systems, servers, clients, networks, and data. We are going to operate AML and FDS for a more stable operation of the service and to cope with changes in government policy. Implement as BION Secure deals and Fraudulent Payments SMART CONTRACT.


The BION blockchain platform brought Binance's smart chain in. The Binance chain is optimized for early fast trading.
However, from a programming perspective, it had the disadvantage of being relatively inflexible than other blockchains, and to compensate for this, the Binance Smart chains were released. The Binance Smart Chain is a new blockchain with features for developing high-performance decentralized applications. Due to being built for cross-chain compatibility with Binance chains, users can benefit from both blockchains. Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is suitable to be explained as a blockchain that runs in parallel with the Binance chain. The difference from Binance chains is that Binance smart chains are compatible with smart contract capabilities and Ethereum virtual machines (EVMs).
The original design of the Binance Smart Chain was to maintain the high throughput of the Binance Chain intact and to introduce smart contracts into the ecosystem.

· A platform with built-in currency and payment methods · A platform where users have their own data sovereignty and protect users unique information from hacking · A platform that makes it easy for anyone to use an open financial system · Platforms with neutral, open infrastructure, not controlled by specific companies and individuals

The system structure of BION drug distribution provides healthcare and healthcare companies by acquiring and analyzing data generated by consumers, enabling them to use data to make quick and accurate medical decisions, thereby enabling advice and treatment. Such a piece of personal health information extends to a variety of application services, including blood sugar and electrocardiogram, as well as all data on personal daily activities, including diet, water intake, and total activity time. And personal information collected through BION's health care DAPP is provided. Sources of data are classified into medical, genetic, and personal health information data analysis systems. Its application steps are divided into four categories.

The BION analysis technique derives the following results and processes through the techniques of Crawling, Sqoop, Flume, and Scribe on the web. You can upload them to the blockchain through batch processing of unused Big Data sources, real-time processing of used Big Data, interactive navigation of Big Data, predictive analysis, and machine learning. Big data analysis techniques are as follows, which are done through mining and analysis.

· Text mining : technology for extracting and processing useful information based on natural language processing technology from unstructured and semi-structured text data, · Opinion mining : technology to determine the preference for affirmative, negative, and neutral structured and unstructured text such as social media, video comments, and content; · Social network analytics : Technology that measures the reputation and influence of a user based on the connection structure and strength of the social network), Cluster analysis; a technique that eventually discovers clusters of similar characteristics by combining objects with similar characteristics) Visualization and specified data are statistical figures on the prediction, response, and risk reduction of diseases that healthcare services need, which can check through BION DASHBAOARD. · BION BIGDATA ARCHITECTURE Requirements · Store and process data on volumes too large for the existing databases · Unstructured data conversion for analysis and reporting

BION Policy

Total sales (business operating expenses)20%

Company's holdings40%

Development cost20%

Marketing cost10%

Team, members5%

Reward cost in platform5%